Recruitment fee
The recruitment fee per programme is 85 PLN. 

Tutition fees
Tutition fee for undergraduate and graduate programmes amounts to 750 EUR per semester 

Should a student find him/herself in difficult material circumstances, the Rector of the University may, at the request of the person concerned, lower the tuition fee. 

Foreigners entitled to study in Polish on tuition-free basis

EU citizens

NON-EU citizens, holding one of the following documents:

  • Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka)
  • permanent residence permit in Poland
  • formal decision on Polish origin
  • refugee status granted by the Republic of Poland
  • temporary protection in the territory of Poland
  • subsidiary protection in the territory of Poland
  • long-term residence permit of the EU
  • spouses, children and parents of the Polish citizen, if residing in the territory of Poland
  • Polish language certificate issued by PKPZJP* (min. C1 level)
  • temporary residence permit on the basis of art. 159 sec.1 or art. 186 sec. 1 pt. 3 or 4 of the Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners

* Państwowa Komisja Poświadczenia Znajomości Języka Polskiego Jako Obcego